Your vibe attracts your tribe ⏫

This is my T R I B E.

First, there’s me. Truly the Queen of my own castle. The motor that gets everything running and the glue that holds everyone together.

Then there’s Mike. The love of my life. The grounded earth sign for my very emotional and complex water sign self. The quiet one with the loud mind. Full of integrity and genuineness. My real life Prince Charming and constant reminder that chivalry is not dead in this 21st century.



Next is Brixton, our first born. He is my fellow cusper born on the 20th of the month as I was. He borders on the line of earth and air the opposite of my water and fire. As our first born, he truly was the product of the powerful love Mike and I shared. He was the creation of our 2 hearts into one. Half of each, becoming a whole. He is the perfect blend of masculinity and femininity with his strength and handsome looks and his tenderness and loving heart. He provides me with inspiration at all levels.

Last is Harlow, the rule breaker. In her 3 months of life so far she has managed to already “break rules”, starting with her time of birth. Both Mike and I really wanted her to arrive on the 16th of the month so she could be his birth day twin both having the 16th as their birthday, as Brix and I have the 20th. But of course, she decides to take her time and miss the day by going 49 minutes over. She also has been sleeping through the night since she was a month and a half old, and has been the contrary of what we were supposed to experience having a newborn. She has been such an easygoing infant. She’s our solid fire sign full of sass and independence, so curious about the world. She brings a whole different energy and light to our family and we’re so excited to watch her blossom.

They say your vibe attracts your tribe, and each one of these unique souls were drawn into my life for distinct reasons to create a perfectly harmonious vibrancy into my world.

What’s your tribe like?!

More about how my tribe was started with me and Mike’s love story 💖 in the next post here.



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