Quick SoCal Family Getaway 🌵

This family vacation was one for the books! So many wonderful memories captured, thanks to my love Mike 💓. Our stay was last minute, booked 2 weeks prior. I had requested time off from work knowing I wanted to go somewhere with the family, I just didn’t know where. I was long overdue to get away, and what a perfect getaway it was.

We stayed in a super cool Airbnb in Yucca Valley, which is close to Joshua Tree and is such a hidden gem. We didn’t have a planned itinerary, we just winged it really. It’s hard to stick to plans with two little ones haha. But our house was so perfect we really didn’t want to leave the property. During the day we would take scenic drives to their local drive thru Starbucks 😂 and just explored around the Joshua Tree area and around the desert town of Yucca Valley, and then came back and lounged and played in our vacation house.

This definitely wasn’t an ordinary house. It was a magical desert home that was hooked up with Alexa throughout. You could control the lights, the temperature, and all the electronics inside and outside the home. It had a relaxing concrete soaking tub, and a vintage airstream and cowboy pool out back. The sunsets and sunrises were so beautiful on the horizon of the Mesa it was located on. It truly was remarkable. One thing I loved about the airbnb (and also why we chose it specifically as there was so many to choose from!) was the living room turned theatre room. It had a projector and surround sound system and it was perfect to wind down the kids at the end of the day and have family movie nights each night.

We came prepared (ok over prepared haha!) with all of our necessities. Packed some of their favorite toys. Made sure to bring bubbles and outdoor trucks they could play in the dirt with. Brought many outfits for the desert photo shoots I knew I wanted to have during golden hour. And packed food to be able to cook our entire stay, which was really convenient for us.

Also our airbnb host was so accommodating and quick to respond with any questions we had. We will definitely be making our way back to The Rosy Boa in Yucca Valley ☀.

Check out our family photos and quick video tour of our airbnb!



What’s your favorite family getaway?!



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