Papa’s Motorhome 🚍

In our family, Sundays are for Papa’s Motorhome. Mike’s grandpa (aka Papa) purchased his Motorhome in 1997, and since then it has been filled with many family gatherings and memories. It’s kind of crazy to see the multiple generations of grandchildren (and now great grandchildren) that have spent their childhood there. Every Sunday Mike’s grandparents take it to the Bay and we will either spend the day there, or make an effort to at least stop by when we’re out and about. Mike loved it as a kid, our son looks forward to it every weekend, and I’m sure our daughter will grow to enjoy it.


We’ll take walks, my son will ride his scooter, kick and throw around some balls, simply sit outside and talk, or even hangout inside and play. We haven’t joined Mike’s grandparents camping yet because me and BUGS 🐜🕷🐌🙅🏼 haha, but we have gone on a day trip to the snow 🌨. I live for these moments, and it brings such joy to create traditions and build happy memories for my children. Here’s a compilation of some of the wonderful times at Papa’s Motorhome. A few blast in the past and present.


What are some of your family traditions?!



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