Family Photoshoot 2017 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Over Thanksgiving weekend I rounded up the cavalry for a casual family photoshoot. I’ve been meaning to share this on the blog, but have been super busy with work as it’s my busy season with my company’s budget 😱. Also, without realizing, I took on some side contract work because I have a problem with saying no 😑. Sometimes I don’t know what I get myself into haha! You feel me?! I’ve also been feeling guilty for neglecting my blog, but prioritizing my time as a working mom of two little ones is not easy. Sleep always wins 🤷🏼‍♀️. I promise (you and myself) that I’ll get back on it in the next coming weeks! I’ve already got some stuff brewing!

Anyway, this shoot was totally last minute, planned 2 hours before. It was shot by my cousin (who lives close by. Gotta love family ❤️), at a location not far from our house. It actually worked out well having family take the photos because the kids weren’t shy and felt totally comfortable, which definitely came through in the pictures 😃. We started out with a mini session at home, and moved to a local park. It didn’t even take a whole hour, which was certainly better with the little ones. So, here you go! I can’t wait to frame them around my home ☺️.





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