Date Night In 🌹

As working parents with little ones it’s certainly challenging to “date your spouse”. However, we’re pretty fortunate to have our kids on a really good routine that they’re usually in bed by 8pm. This leaves the rest of the night to ourselves 🙌🏻. With that precious time we always try and make an effort to reconnect and catch up with each other, and essentially, have a date night in at home 🙂.

Here’s a simple date night in plan that you and your loved one can have at home 💖

1. First order of business is to still give/receive flowers on the date 🌹. Chivalry is not dead in this 21st century!

2. Put away your phones (although Mike used his in our video below for the notes app haha). Solely focus on each other away from technological distractions, social media, and looking at pictures and videos of the kids for hours haha! Guilty of that last one! 🙋🏼

3. Do an activity (or two) together, whether it’s making dinner or dessert, art, or playing a game ✨! Anything besides watching tv, or Netflix and chill (at least for this date) because those activities aren’t engaging with each other. Save that for relaxing night in 😉. Creating something together strengthens bonds, builds comradery, helps with learning and improving communication, and focuses on enjoying each other’s company ✨💜.

For this date night in we made one of our favorite dishes together, Chicken Madeira with asparagus and mashed potatoes 😋. Drank a little too much wine 😑. And came up with our own questions to play the questions ❓ game. Surprisingly, even after almost 6 years together, there were still some things we learned about each other. It was also nice to hear some of his sweet responses and take a stroll down memory lane. Check out our video together 🤣. So much fun!

What are some of your date night in ideas?!



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