Home is Where Your Mom is 🏡

Home is Where Your Mom is 🏡

Maybe it’s our innate nurturing role, or the calming energy we bring to our family, but to me…

H O M E is definitely where mom is.

My home has always been my sanctuary. My place of retreat. Away from the outside world and all its chaos. And it all started with my mom and the home she created for my siblings and I as a child.

Now that I’ve become a mother myself, I’ve embraced this responsibility and task for my own family. Every detail I’ve put into each room in my home, I’m quite proud of.

So, here’s a look into my home!

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DIY Soft Soled Baby Shoes 👟

DIY Soft Soled Baby Shoes 👟

Here is a custom made pattern and detailed instructions for DIY soft soled baby shoes. For those 10 little piggy toes to be worn to the market and all the way home! (I just had to 🤣)

I custom made this pattern to include everything I wanted in a soft soled baby shoe, which was comfort with a modern design. A lot of the patterns I saw online didn’t meet both of those needs, so custom was the way to go. This design is not only seamless (for comfort), the cuts are more modern and the construct is easier than some seamless ones I demo’d online.

Check it out!

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